The History Of Embroidery Work


yosari embroidery lehenga

Embroidery is that Art, which exist in the every corner of the World . It is a timeless craft of decorating the Fabrics or the Materials with threads and yarns by the usage of needle . Embroidery is the structural part of the material culture . Everyone is familiar with the embroidery . It is known as ‘The Craft Of Two Hands’ .

Origination Of Embroidery

Embroidery is the ancient craft which has been around forever . At first it used for the repairing of clothes because at that times fabrics were so expensive to produce . Clothing Items were rarely thrown out . Instead of throwing them , People used to repair them .

The Art Of Embroidery is all around the World . Embroidery Works have been dated to the 3rd Centurey BC in China . Ancient Greeks credited the goddess Athena for the embroidery’s legacy . In England, professional workshops and companies produced garments made of silks for rich families.


Embroidery Work


Automation Revolution

The Automation Revolution from the late 18th and early 19th centuries was the turning point for the art of embroidery .  In this Revolution , Machines allowed for Garments and Textile which included embroidery , which results to produced in mass . France was the first to revolutionize embroidery in the mid-1800s . Switzerland developed in the latter half of the 19th century . This technique made it cheaper and easier to produce .


Threads and yarns have been used for decorating the fabrics . From the thousand of years woolen , linen and silk  are used for fabrics and threads. The thread manufactured in rayon , cotton and novelty yarns for embroidery . In Ribbon embroidery uses narrow ribbon in silk . Ribbon embroidery most commonly to create floral motifs .

Canvas work techniques is also a famous technique used for Embroidery . In this technique large amounts of thread are hidden on the back of the work .

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is done with rayon thread . Polyester thread can also be used. Machine embroidery is used for logos and on business shirts or jackets as well as to decorate household . Machines use special Embroidery software . Contemporary embroidery is done with machine embroidery . Free hand machine embroidery has also been developed in recent time . It allows the user to create free-motion embroidery . This machinery has its place in textile arts, quilting, home furnishings and many more . Embroidery software use to digitize the digital embroidery designs . These digitized design are transferred to embroidery machine with the help of flash drive . Embroidery machine embroiders the selected design by the user on the fabric .


Embroidered Saree


Latest Trend

In the present time the art of Embroidery have developed all over the world . Indian Embroidery is the most popular all over the world . The Indian dresses like Sarees , Lehenga Choli , Salwar Suits , Dupattas all are famous in the western countries for their traditional art and craft work .