How to Choose Blouses According to Body Shape

The Indian women become so modern, but they look more beautiful in Sarees. the beauty of girls increases hundred times while wearing sarees.However, Saree is traditional as well as glamorous and stylish, that is why saree fashion never ever become outdated. Saree looks more stylish and fancy only with fashionable blouses.

A large of designer blouses are available in the market for perfect matching with sarees. Ladies generally choose blouse based on color and cloth quality, but they should also keep their body shape in mind while buying new blouses. Blouses should not match with sarees only, but also with your personality. We will reveal some useful tips which would help you to select blouses according to your body shape.


Perfect Blouses Types for Small Breast Figure

If you have Small breast fiqure like Deepika Padukone However, you will have a variety of stylish blouse suits on your finger, but you will most suit the Ilayuujan of fullar bust design blouse. Choose the side-heavy work blouse of Brest and you need a heavy pad planting in your blouse. As if your neck is too thin, you can cover it with Haltar Noble, high-neck or collar.

You should wear blouses of heavy fabric such as Valvet, Tasasar silk and brocade. Jachega a blouse of any color or design on your body.

Deepika Padukone

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Blouses Types for Broad Shoulders

If your body is the same fiqure like (Sonakshi Sinha), you should adopt a few different styles to show off your fitted arms and bank.You can wear short salivas with Baradar neklise.

You should not wear thin straps and padded blouses to not show your brand shoulders and widening.


Sonakshi Sinha


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Perfect Blouses Types for Medium Sized Body

They have taken care few things to choose blouse for themselves. They should not buy blouses with heavy patches or embroideries in front and Brest side. Such type of blouses will give them bulky / over weighted look. So they should wear plain and simple blouse.

Lightweight fabrics such as jarjet, crepe and little tin blouse will suit you greatly. Wear blouses that replace large prints. Instead of a big-neck blouse, you can wear deep-necked blouses from the back.

vidya balan

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Blouses Types for Slim Athletic Figure

Athletic figure like (Bipasa Basu ) is the perfect body of such a finger-girl. They don’t have to think much when choosing a blouse. Your body perfect in any style and blouse of design. You can wear noodle strapss, corset styling, haltars, long salivas blouses. You don’t need to do much effort to choose the right blouse for you, you just have to go to your boutique and Banava the blouse as you want the style.

You don’t need to do much effort to choose the right blouse for you, you just have to go to your boutique and order any type of blouse for you.

Bipasa Basu

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