A Sherwani Suit is an essentially long kurta worn over tight pents and churidars. Women’s Sherwani Suit are common in weddings and parties in Asia. They can be created with silk, cotton, cotton silk, chanderi, net, chiffon, georgette, tussar, velvet and many other fabrics. In Bangladesh, the sherwani is worn by people on formal occasions such as weddings and Eid.



Sherwani Suit was a symbol of high stature in Muslim families. The sherwani evolved from Persian cape which was gradually given a more Indian form and finally developed into the sherwani. It originated in the British India as the European style court dress of regional Mughal nobles and royals of northern India . It appeared first at Lucknow in the 1820s.[4] It was gradually adopted by rest of the Indian royalty and aristocracy.

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Most Mughal era inspired outfits, Sherwani Suit are also embellished with motifs and embroideries of leaves, creepers, flowers, trees, birds and animals. The nature connect remains intact. There are no bars on the fabrics or colors that are used to create them. Sherwanis have also been designed by the Indian designer, Rohit Bal for British Airways cabin crews serving on flights to India.