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Tips to Take Care Silk Sarees : If there is a special day in the house, then every Indian woman’s first choice is silk sari. Because, it gives a special look in view. And for South Indian women, this is a favorite, because without it no any festival is complete. The look of the sari, the more beautiful it is, the more difficult it is to take care of it. It is difficult to wash every day, so if it gets stained, we will tell you how it will be removed.


Silk Saree Care Tips


Let’s know how to take care of silk saris.

1. Always keep saris in muslin cloth or wrap in cotton cloth.

2 Keep your sari in direct sunlight for one day to remove the smell.

3 Avoid washing your sari as much as possible, even sometimes the dry cleaner unable to clean silk sarees properly.

4. Never keep silk sarees on iron or wooden hangers, it may be possible to have stain.

5.If you need to wash the sari, then clean it with a light soap solution and wash it with cold water.

6.Never dry your wet sari in the direct sunligh. By this, it loses its color, especially blue, black and green saris.

7.Never should place the naphthalene ball in the direct cupboard of saris because it can spoil Fabric of clothes. It should always be kept in a another cotton bag.

8.If your sari accidentally stains the lipstick stains, oil or cosmetic, then put talcum powder on there and dry it. After that clean the stain with a clean cloth or tissue paper.